We Are All the Image of the Gods We Worship?

by keyvan

The news of a well known Iranian film maker Reza Allamehzadeh working on a documentary about the “othering” of the Baha’i community of Iran and the social, spiritual, and psychological consequences of the systematic and predetermined persecution has gained much attention by the Iranian community and media abroad. This is unprecedented and in fact historic. The name of the documentary is Iranian Taboo. The documentary is still a work in progress and you can follow up on the Reza Allamehzadeh site.

Recently we got the news that the famous Iranian poet Feridoon Moshiri has written the lyrics for the song in this documentary and Daryoush the popular Iranian singer has song it! This is an unprecedented gesture and public attention by Iranian film makers and artists speaking up in defense of their innocent fellow Baha’i human family. What grabbed my attention about this song is how Moshiri has chosen to address the listeners in this poem as “ay adamha”; o ye the “adams’, or O’ ye who call yourselves humans!

From the moment that Adam was evicted from the garden of Eden a gap seems to have emerged between the reality of man as God created man; “We created man in our own image” in His own image, and man’s identity based on his impulses, appetites, conducts and decisions. Ever since that eviction the hope has been for man to make a sincere and concerted effort to exonerate himself and God has sent His messengers to help redeem man and unite him/her with his/her Creator and benefactor.

The story of humanity, however, is riddled with arrows, bullets, bombs, and stained with the blood of innocent men and women. It has been very difficult if not impossible for humanity to really come into terms with what God created man to be, to know and to love, according to Baha’u’llah. What we have witnessed is that out of ignorance and arrogance man sees himself as a two legged and clever animal with all sorts of urges and appetites to bow to!

It occurred to me that the real question is not whether we are the image of God or not. Everyone is actually the perfect image of their own imagined and manufactured god.There is no god but the one we worship. It seems like the issue of who is our god, is coming into a better light and the way we might know each person’s god is by that persons action. By their fruits ye shall know their God, a growing number of people are saying.

It is about time that our deeds, our humanity be our universal point of distinction. Once we get our acts together, the earth will become the mirror of God’s Eden and the Kingdom of God will appear on earth as Baha’u’llah has assured us.

The Islamic Republic Regime is hearing Daryush calling people to speak up to claim their real identity as humans. that in order to respect human rights we must first be human (Adam).

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