Abdu’l-Baha and His Life Being in Danger

by keyvan



This is so beautiful. I printed it and will keep it by my prayer corner.

It reminded me of the remarks of Lady Blomfield in Chosen Highway in the part called Haji Ramadan talking about her worrying about Abdu’l-Baha and how she comforted herself repeating Abdu’l-Baha’s own words saying ” Have you not realized that never in my life have I been for one day out of danger? Be not troubled, these enemies have no power over my life, but that which is given to them from on high.”

The reality of danger is an integral part of human life and death. No one is immune from it and very few know how to stay out of its range and threat. Fear is the feeling we all wrestle with for ourselves and or loved ones. To be afraid or not afraid is a daily question for the living. There are so many types and kinds of fear, however. A well known word of wisdom says the one who fears no one else! The fear of losing the nearness and favours of a loving compassionate God whom we hope and wish to be like is a most self protecting, self preserving feeling. At the same time the world of humanity will be a place of peace and discovery when we do not have to waste our prescious resources and time to fear one another.

I feel for the Baha’is of Iran specially the innocent Baha’i children who have to embrace fear with their pillows every night thinking what their government might inflict upon them and their families and Baha’i community for their belief.

I am hoping the above story about Abdu’l-Baha help fortify their soft embrace as they hold their breath with fear and press on against the prickly hands of those who violate their human rights in the name of Islam!

Abdu’l-Baha gives me hope and resilience in dealing with fear, I hope the Baha’i children find refuge in His embrace of courage and resilience.

I can hear the Baha’i youth echoing: “What a marvelous Cause we have to serve and sacrifice for.” The more we are able to love the less we battle with fear!

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