Behold the Faces of Baha’i Children Witnessing A New Phase of Persecution!

by keyvan


Who can claim to be human, watch the expression of this child and not be moved to the core of its human heart and consciousness regretting the pain and agony we humans inflict on each other and for what? The little boy’s expression of pain and loss mixed with pride daggers the heart if one has a heart. One can tell that he is standing in the place of pride being associated with something of importance and great value to all.  He reminds me of the faces, the pains and pride of the Baha’i children of Iran who have been weeping and crying in terror because of what their parents and their communities are suffering while at the same time having to hold their heads up to show pride as their parents are arrested, their homes raided, their belongings taken and their lives threatened for something greater than themselves and in defense of their love  for humanity. The children know and feel proud that their Baha’i community will continue to keep its resolve in the face of ongoing barbarity, random and predetermined attacks by the Islamic Republic Regime of Iran. How long do we have to pay this price and to see children cry?

Recently Radio Farda has a broadcast of an interview with Abdu’lkarim Lahiji identifying the reasons why the Islamic Republic Regime of Iran is so desperate to devise new and harsher measures of abuse of the Baha’i community of Iran and gross violations of the human rights of this peaceful and forward thinking community. Mr. Lahiji believes the main reason is that the Islamic Republic Regime is feeling helpless to fulfill its mission of destroying the Baha’i community no matter what measures they have employed thus far to decapitate the Baha’i community and to stop its influence to awaken the Iranian community to their God given human rights no matter of what religion or no religion.

He names to series of policies and actions that was devised by the Islamic Regime from its onset aimed at the systematic destruction and annihilation of the Baha’i community such as, killing and imprisoning their leaders, scholars, and influential people; Baha’is who might enlighten, influence and awaken the mind and heart of the Iranians in the direction of Baha’i Principles and high ideals of freedom, equality of women and men, civility, harmony of science and religion, oneness of all humanity, oneness of all religions, oneness of God, world peace, independent investigation of truth, education for all and especially priority of education of the girls and other forward thinking Baha’i principles that might threaten the control of a totalitarian regime in the name of Islam. Mr. Lahiji said in his interview with Shirin Fa’mily of Radio Farda that the Baha’i youth of Iran have stood firm and refused to lie about their believes and have refused to deny their religion in order to attend university. The Islamic Republic does not know what else to do but to act more violent and stir the public and the mob to do their dirty work by declaring the Baha’is enemies of God and lacking human values and virtues and deserving of being violated, their homes and orchards burnt and their wives and children attacked in the name of Islam and fulfilling your duties as a God fearing Muslim!

The Iranian government feels helpless and desperate in the face of the resolve and unshakable integrity of the Baha’i community. There has been no historical precedence for this form of resistance which fights the darkness with light, the enmity with love, the ignorance with knowledge, education and information, the intolerance with loving patience, the cruelty and injustice with abiding by the laws and justice. This is a one of a kind and a real spiritual crusader the human history has never experienced and is badly in need of to make its passage through the present impass of crisis of spiritual bankruptcy at a global level.

What could we do?

To join this crusade, we do not need to take destructive arms to kill people and pillage cities, and target others. This is the war with our own lower self that gets in the way of being and acting as the images of God on earth. To fight this battle, humanity must equip itself with the armament of integrity, honesty, fair-mindedness, consultation, understanding, peacefulness, compassion, love for all humanity, humility, sacrifice of self for the good of others and other attributes that distinguishes human beings for their humanity and divine virtues of love for all not for only those we like ans approve of.

Also let us not be discouraged by the thought that unless we are able to help and rescue everybody we have not helped anybody! Every step, every drop, every breath, every point of light in the path of humanity moves us forward and it counts. Let us remember the story of the soul who was walking by the beach covered by the body of millions of star fish washed ashore and in danger of dying. The wayfarer kept bending and picking one star fish at a time and throwing it into the living waters of the ocean. A cynic passed by and mockingly remarked, with all these star fish lying on the sand, what difference can you make picking one or two, wasting your time? The traveler continued bending, picking and throwing one more star fish saying you are right about too many to save them all but “I am happy to have made a difference in the life of this one.”

A fundamental teaching of Bahá’u’lláh is the oneness of the world of humanity. Addressing mankind He says, “Ye are all leaves of one tree and the fruits of one branch.” By this it is meant that the world of humanity is like a tree, the nations or peoples are the different limbs or branches of that tree and the individual human creatures are as the fruits and blossoms thereof.

* Although in former centuries and times this subject received some measure of mention and consideration, it has now become the paramount issue and question in the religious and political conditions of the world. History shows that throughout the past there have been continual warfare and strife among the various nations, peoples and sects, but now…. in this century of illumination, hearts are inclined toward agreement and fellowship and minds are thoughtful upon the question of the unification of mankind.

* What incalculable benefits and blessings would descend upon the great human family if unity and brotherhood were established! In this century when the beneficent results of unity and the ill effects of discord are so clearly apparent, the means for the attainment and accomplishment of human fellowship have appeared in the world.



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