My Eyes Once Again Got Wide Open by the Light!!

by keyvan

I love the process of serendipity. In the storehouse of my memory lies concealed many nagging quests and questions and one of these important but not urgent questions was about Ahmad Kasravi and the veil he pooled over the eyes and the minds of many Iranian intellectuals on many social issues specially the role he played in deemonizing the Baha’i movement. His influence played a role in postponing the Iranian progress which the country was graced with with the Revelation of Baha’u’llah and its progressive global teachings.

As Bahman Nikandish puts it “Kasravi dealt in a confused and rather hostile way towards the Baha’i Faith.”

Just a while ago I saw a documentary about Kasravi filled with praises and also lament that Iranians did not fully appreciate his genius and unique insight and intellect!! I was surprised to see such commentary aired by one of the prominent Iranian TV stations at a time when the sun of global identity is slowly but surely rising and at least the mass of Iranians who live outside of Iran, away from the toxic fumes the Regime, have the choice to see its silver lining and wake up to the eminent rise of an organic  global civilization as Baha’u’llah promised 160 years ago.

Today, thanks to serendipity, I found a brilliant light shining on this subject of my curiosity in the article posted by BBC and written by Irfan Sabeti who is a researcher of religious sociology in UK. Knowledge is a wonderful light and most powerful when we look with the eyes of fairness guided by the light of reality. The reality that the world of humanity is one integral entity and we are all cells of this living and developing body. Nothing except our humanity serves us all best to be claimed as our distinction. Our oneness is a most critical guiding light in all we seek and all decisions we make.

Hope you enjoy Sabeti’s paper as much as I have.


“بهایی‌گری”؛ جستاری در دیگرستیزی

عرفان ثابتی

پژوهشگر جامعه شناسی دین در دانشگاه لنکستر انگلستان

به روز شده: 20:17 گرينويچ – چهارشنبه 14 مارس 2012 – 24 اسفند 1390

سهیم کنید
ارسال صفحه
چاپ مطلب


کسروی در جوانی ردای روحانیت از تن بیرون کرد و جامۀ نو پوشید ولی به گواهی آثارش تا فرجام خونین زندگی از جزم اندیشی فقیهانه رها نشد

کسروی در جوانی ردای روحانیت از تن بیرون کرد و جامۀ نو پوشید ولی به گواهی آثارش تا فرجام خونین زندگی از جزم اندیشی فقیهانه نرست. دگراندیش ستیزی، خشونت زبانی و دگرباش هراسی او سیمایی از معممی ناروادار ترسیم می کند که به ظاهر مکلا شده بود.

کسروی را در سه چهره می توان بازشناخت: تاریخ نگار، زبان شناس و بنیان گذار آیین پاکدینی. هر اندازه سنجشگری آفرینندۀ آثاری همچون تاریخ مشروطه ایران، تاریخ هیجده ساله آذربایجان و آذری یا زبان باستان آذربایجان ستودنی ست، تندخویی، یکسونگری و نارواداری نگارندۀ ورجاوند بنیاد، صوفیگری و بهاییگری در خور نکوهش است.

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