Education Under Fire Screening at the Claremont Colleges another Voice Added to The Choir

by keyvan

For every breath of the faculty and students of BIHE in captivity, a thousand faculty and students all around the world raise up their voices in protest and outrage.

The video of the screening of the documentary of Education Under Fire at the Pomona College in Claremont speaks loud to the sentiments and response of masses in the civilized world to the inhumanity that the faculty and students of BIHE have been subjected to by the Islamic Republic Regime of Iran. The Regime not only denies the right to education to the Baha’i students in Iran but criminalizes any one who provides the opportunities of education to the Baha’i youth in Iran.

The greatest danger to anyone who has been a victim of oppression and injustice is to acquire the characteristic of the oppressor, therefore loosing its God given honor, bounty and birth right to the expression of his/her humanity which is the ultimate fruit of true religion and liberty according to the Baha’i Teachings. The defeat of individual ultimately means the defeat of social order and peace, the Baha’is believe. The oppressor can only imprison and attack the physical reality but throughout the Baha’i history we see the power of transcendence manifested by many who gave their lives gladly to refuse giving up their humanity and conscience. The expression and universal effect of transcendence, however, becomes much more powerful and prominent when the rest of the world join in the defense of the wronged and in a choir of humanity sings aloud “Never again, Never Again”. Holocaust must be kept under a flood of light so the lessons are passed on heart to heart so humanity can protect itself from the forces of darkness we each are capable of falling victim to.

The Baha’i response is unique in its spirit and form in the of history of humanity by  following the directives of the Universal House of Justice , the Supreme Administrator Body of the Baha’i Faith saying: “the proper response to oppression is neither to succumb in resignation nor to take on the characteristics of the oppressor. The victim of oppression can transcend it through an inner strength that shields the soul from bitterness and hatred and which sustains consistent, principled action.”

The House of Justice encourages and affirms the Baha’i community to stand firm in their resolve by adhering to the Baha’i teachings of love for all humanity and the victory of good over evil, the Luke SkyWalker over the Dart Waders of the world saying:
“Decades of hardship have prepared each of you to stand as a beacon of strength in the circle of your family and friends, your neighbours and acquaintances, radiating hope and compassion to all those in need. Keep alive in your hearts the feeling of confidence that the future of Iran holds bright promise, the certitude that the light of knowledge will inevitably dispel the clouds of ignorance, the conviction that concern for justice will protect the nation from falling prey to calumny, and the belief that love will ultimately conquer hatred and enmity.”

The ultimate hope and goal of every Baha’i is not only the individual salvation but the social salvation of all humanity and ever advancing civilization.

“Indeed when we see the increasing darkness in the world today we can fully realize that unless the Message of Bahá’u’lláh reaches into the hearts of men and transforms them, there can be no peace and no spiritual progress in the future. Towards the realization of this goal Baha’is are called to choose the road less traveled.

“His constant hope is that the believers will conduct themselves, individually and in their Bahá’í Community life, in such a manner as to attract the attention of others to the Cause. The world is not only starving for lofty principles and ideals, it is, above all, starving for a shining example which the Bahá’ís can and must provide.”

(From a letter written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to an individual believer, February 22, 1945, in Lights of Guidance, no. 1413)

The video bellow is one example of the beauty of spirit, transcending their plight through inner strength while  responding with effective power to the human rights violations of banning education to the Baha’i youth in Iran and putting its faculty in prison.

Remember your voice can be a ray of light in the dark, keep it shining far and wide.


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