A Wonderful Video That Gets Under Your skin! برداشت یک

by keyvan

برداشت یک – نگاهی به بهائی های پاریس

Very refreshing, confirming of the oneness of all humanity, the universal spirit of independent investigation of truth and how it ultimately rescues humanity from its own vain imagination. It gave me hope for a peaceful civilization for all humanity. Most uplifting.

I became once again a believer that ultimately the truth shall set us free. what a relief!

Sometimes a picture can say what a thousand words cannot ever convey.
After watching this video, I really felt sorry for any one in Iran who is barred from knowing about the divine beauty of the Baha’i Faith and how it can revolutionize and transform their lives for ever more.

I am grateful to my grandparents for illuminating my consciousness with the light of the Revelation of Baha’u’llah.
This is a light that ultimately conquers all the forces of darkness. And I thank God for it. I hope the Baha’is of Iran persevere to see its universal splendor shining on all corners of their beloved land soon.

The following video gives the sad contrast of the dark reality of ignorance, violence and human rights violations in Iran towards the Baha’i community of Iran in the hope of annihilating the light of the Baha’i teachings from that land and the hearts of its people.زهی خیال محال


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