by keyvan

Sometimes a song and a few pictures can say what a library full of books cannot and is not able to convey.

This is to say how much and how many hearts are beating with the love and memory of the Baha’is in Iran, those who offer all they have to serve and to love their country and their people, being the vibrant point of light in that dark pit of gloom and doom.

I asked a dear friend who has a little farm, the other day, about her chickens and ducks. I remembered she had a duck she specially loved because of a beautiful pompom on its head. As soon as she heard my inquiry, her face became dark and her voice trembled and she said all of my ducks are gone!! Why, what happened, I asked, surprised and shock? An animal at night attacked and tore every one apart and laid the carcasses around!! It was such a horrific scene!! I wish I could say it was because of hunger!!
There was a sad silence in the room. A tear drop began to run down her wrinkled cheek. There was nothing any one could say.Sometimes there is no words that can say how a lonely tear drop tell of the heart that bleeds.

For the many thousand innocent victims of injustice and oppression, ignorance and violence in Iran, the hearts of so many bleeds in silence. What can we say?

I watched the video and just watched their loving and innocent faces, determined and staunch and listened to the cry in the song and heard the rhythm of the rain pouring down. As though I can hear the heavens cry as its tears pouring down.

What can I say!


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