The Crime of Education and Chaffey College

by keyvan

Education Under Fire panelists, Iraj Kamal-Abadi, Keyvan Geula and Firuz Kazemzadeh, at the screening of the documentary, “Education Under Fire”, at Chaffey College Ca.

The nationwide campaign of Education Under Fire is spreading like a breeze of fresh air throughout the nation’s universities and colleges. Students as well as faculty, in this country,  can truly appreciate the plight of the Iranian Baha’i youth and students who have been barred from attending university for 30 years at the hand of their government, the Islamic Republic Regime of Iran, as a punishment for their different believes as Baha’is!! Human rights to education has been declared since 1948 and Islamic Republic Regime is still behind in catching up with the civilized world!

The event was covered by VALEEN GONZALES, who writes for the BREEZE, Chaffey College campus newspaper. She promised me that she would forward me a copy and she did and I am grateful for it.

The dark forces in Iran has assaulted the Baha’i community and inflicted many casualties for over 30 years. Many youth have found it impossible to pursue higher education as much as their religious belief mandates education as a divine gift and one of the most important duties of an enlightened believer and community. This tragedy is not just for the Baha’i youth but a tragedy to the world being deprived of the fruits of the brilliant minds who having had the opportunity, would have served the world of humanity and its civilization, in ways we cannot even imagine as their predecessors have. The hope is that the rest of the world will rise up in defense of the Baha’i youth and their right to education. The danger is some people may assume others are rising up to defend them and they need not speak up! Please bear in mind that every breath counts. You voicing your conscious is as much about you and your stand for human rights as it is about the desired result of every one being able to have education. It is not about the number of votes in defense of the Baha’i youth’s right to education, it is about our unanimous and universal support this time when we say “Never Again“.

Please visit the website and sign the petition, talk to your friends and put together a screening and discussion.


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