Human Rights Day Celebration Remembers Baha’i Students of BIHE In Iran اعلامیه حقوق بشر سندی گویا بر جنایت و تبعیض رژیم اسلامی

by keyvan

UN remembers BIHE. Our global community has become accustomed to violence as a daily occurrence. Let us bring ourselves into account and not go back to our norms, whatever that means. We need to work towards a new norm, a new day, a set of new values and believes as human civilization if we mean to move forward.

UN representatives remember the BIHE students in a screening of Education Under fire in celebration if UN Human rights day in Riverside California

The  United Nations human right’s day was celebrated in Riverside

Ike Khamisani, President of the Inland Empire Chapter of the United Nations Association and Mel Bouyton, Divisional President of the United Nations Association spoke at the UN human rights celebration in Riverside Arlington Library.

Screening of the documentary Education Under Fire was at the center of the attention. Keyvan Geula introduced the documentary and attended to the questions of the audience. Over 40 members of the community from all ages and backgrounds attended the event remembering those who suffer an on going violations of their human rights in Iran specially the Baha’i students of BIHE.

Jo Ann Rayshel of the Inland Empire Chapter of the UNA and a member of the Baha’i community of Riverside served as the moderator.

Atusa Niknam آتوسا نیک نام Writes in Pars News a brief visit to the declarations of the human rights in Farsi and the present violations of human rights i n Iran mentioning the Baha’i community as one community who has been suffering on going violations of their human rights.

وز جهانی حقوق بشر که از سوی سازمان ملل به عنوان روزی برای پاسداشت کرامت و حقوق انسانی نامیده شده , در شرایطی در تقویم روزگار ورق می خورد که طبق اعلام سازمان های حقوق بشری , ایران به عنوان یکی از بزرگ ترین جوامع ناقض حقوق بشر محسوب شده که با داشتن تعداد زیادی زندانی سیاسی و عقیدتی , روزنامه نگاران و وب نگاران از این حیث در چشم ناظران بین المللی مورد انتقاد و محکومیت شدید قرار می گیرد . اعلامیه جهانی حقوق بشر مرجعی ست که به عنوان که به عنوان یک سند مکتوب و مقبول جامعه بین الملل برای ارج نهادن به حقوق انسان ها نوشته و به تصویب رسیده , که البته نیز این سند به امضای جمهوری اسلامی به عنوان کشوری که باید به آن اهتمام داشته و مفاد آن را اجرا نماید , رسیده است . برای باز کردن بهتر موضوع, نگارنده لازم می داند در اینجا برخی از بندهای مندرج در اعلامیه جهانی را عینا به رشته تحریر آورد تا با داشتن آن بهتر و دقیق تر بتوان ابعاد فاجعه بار نقض حقوق بشر در میهن را بازگو نمود

گذشته از ماجرای تلخ اما تکان دهنده ستار بهشتی , نهاد های حقوق بشری همواره اذعان داشته اند که جمهوری اسلامی یکی از کشورهای مطرح ناقض حقوق بشر می باشد . در همان بند اول اعلامیه حقوق بشر به آزادی بودن افراد در انتخاب دین اشاره می شود و این در شرایطی ست که بهائیان ایران به صورت مستمر تحت آزار و تهدید ماموران امنیتی قرار می گیرند , ازکسب و کار بی کار می شوند و از تحصیل محروم و یا در موارد بسیاری بازداشت و حبس می گردند . آنچه که کمیته حقوق بشر اعلام نموده اکنون 120 بهائی هم وطن در زندان های ایران تنها به دلیل نوع عقیده و نگرش دوران حبس خود را می گذرانند .

Aside from the screening of the documentary, following is the summary of some of the information shared with the participants posted on Education Under Fire site:

The Baha’i Institute for Higher Education (BIHE) was founded in 1987 in response to the Iranian government’s continuing campaign to deny Iranian Bahá’ís access to higher education.

The BIHE offers university-level programs across diverse faculties and continues to develop and deliver academic programs in Sciences, Engineering, Business & Management, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

Inciting Hatred: Iran’s media campaign to demonize Baha’is: Analyzing more than 400 press and media items issued in Iran by state-controlled or pro-government media over a 16-month period from late 2009 to early 2011 we see a carefully orchestrated and executed campaign of hatred and decapitation of the Baha’i community, much Like Nazi’s did to the Jews.

Using false accusations, inflammatory terminology, and repugnant imagery,

this campaign is shocking in its volume and vehemence –

and entirely in violation of international human rights law

Two goals

1) Friends of the BIHE Open Letter
To enlist thousands of signatories, including but not limited to individuals of prominence, to sign a new Open Letter.

2) to reach out to others to invite them to take advantage of the Free DVD Program by planning to hold their own screenings).

While each and every individual is encouraged to sign the Open Letter, individuals of prominence who participate will be identified in a special opening signatory section.

All advocates are encouraged to invite as many others as possible to participate, including such individuals of prominence.

The Open Letter will be forwarded to Iranian authorities in December, together with the many other public statements that have been or will be rendered during the duration of the campaign, in a comprehensive statements binder.

These same materials will also be posted on line and available for access by anyone and everyone.

This new public statement calls on the leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran to act in accordance with its constitution and with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to which Iran is a signatory. Unlike the “Drive to 25” initiative, this Open Letter will provide a place to record our growing community of support with names and affiliations listed publicly.

About BIHE

several unique features

Faced with unrelenting religious persecution involving a wide range of human rights violations, including systematic denial of access to higher education, BIHE developed several unique features which have become its defining strengths.

The BIHE believes that, above all, broad awareness of its existence is the most pressing need.

focused practical needs

However, there are very focused practical needs that the Institute is open to exploring on an individual level.

1. Graduate Distance \ Online Programs

2. BIHE Global Affiliated Faculty

3. Online Journals, Academic Resources and University Library Access

We like to invite people to examine these needs and offer their help.

The 475 member faculty at BIHE largely consists of professionals who once held teaching positions at government run universities in Iran, but because of their affiliation with the Bahá’í Faith and the increasing systematic oppression of the Bahá’ís in that country, they later lost their jobs.

This remarkable team of volunteers, in their capacity as professors, have tirelessly devoted their expertise over the last two decades to the development and implementation of a top notch university curriculum which now consists of 32 degree programs (5 Associate, 17 Undergraduate and 10 graduate).

an increasing number of courses being offered in English, and the desire to achieve internationally accepted educational standards.  Currently, the functions of an AGF member could include:

  • Offering advice on curriculum and course content
  • Development of new courses
  • Teaching existing/new courses remotely over the internet
  • Delivering onsite seminars and lectures in the form of a visiting professor
  • Helping to establish formal relationships with universities outside of Iran for recognition and acceptance of BIHE courses and degrees

If you would like to contribute your academic expertise to this humanitarian cause and take part in the ongoing development and expansion of BIHE, please download and complete the following form and kindly return it to Volunteer Desk at:

Kathleen McCartney

Dean of Harvard Graduate School of Education

The right to education is accepted as one of the basic rights of all individuals under article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, of which Iran is a signatory.

I ask that you respond to these allegations noted above and provide any clarifying information you might have, such that the international higher education community can have a thorough understanding of the Bahá’í situation in Iran.

Above all, I ask that Iranian officials release any imprisoned BIHE professors and administrators, allow BIHE to operate peacefully as it has in the past, and allow all youth, including those of the Bahá’í faith, unencumbered entrance to state universities in Iran.


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