Dr. James Bell on Transforming Human Consciousness

by staff

I had the honor of collaborating with Dr. Bell over many years on matters concerning civil rights, human rights, the eradication of prejudice, and the promotion of racial unity. The alignment of his values with my Baha’i principles served as a solid foundation for our friendship, fostering a deep connection rooted in shared beliefs. He was undeniably a beacon of light and love within our community. Dr. Bell likened slavery to a tree—cut down but with its roots still embedded in the hearts of its victims. He emphasized that freeing future generations from prejudice requires a collective effort, where parents cannot bear the burden alone but require support from the wider community, schools, and government. Despite our reaching the moon, cannot overcome color. Reflecting on our collaboration fills me with warmth and gratitude for the opportunity to work alongside Dr. James Bell in pursuit of humanity’s betterment. He holds a cherished place in my prayers. I extend heartfelt appreciation to all who contributed to the creation of the impactful series, “Transforming Human Consciousness.”

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