Naisan Geula on Prosperity of Human Kind featured on Transforming Human Consciousness

by staff

Transforming Human Consciousness Interview with Naisan Geula in 1995. Naisan discusses his recent trip to Guyana to help with Baha’i global projects on public health accompanied by his mentor Dr. Alfred Neuman of UCLA School of Public Health. He shares the significance of the Baha’i International Community document called; The Prosperity of Human Kind:… Highlights of the interview State of the world speaks of the extreme of wealth and poverty. In poor areas of the world there is very little cushion between people and starvation. Income disparity continues to grow wider according to UN 1989 report; the rich getting richer and the poor even poorer. The Prosperity of Human Kind document provides spiritual and social principles to guide humanity to appreciate the significance of a unified and harmonious global community focusing on global progress and understanding the self destructive ramifications of immorality by individual members of society and institutions in the form of corruption, inaction towards extreme of wealth and poverty, inequality between women and men, racial, ethnic, religious and other forms of prejudice. The Guiana project Communities become developed when people learn the necessary skills to develop their human potential, sustain their own development projects and eventually take these projects further by owning their own progress from social, economic, as well as spiritual aspects of their lives. The role of development is teaching how to fish by engaging people to explore key questions such as: who amongst you knows how to fish, can you teach it to others, can you improve the skill of fishing? What other tools you might need that improves your fishing know how and skills? TRANSFORMIMG HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS purpose and goals statement Transforming Human Consciousness was an individual initiative by Keyvan Geula LMFT and sponsored by the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Claremont. Each month two interviews of 30 minutes each were recorded at the Cable Station in Claremont CA 91711 (CPAT) and broadcasted to the local viewers. Community members served as camera people, helpers and supporters in the studio. The purpose of the shows was to educate the community at large about Basic Principles of the Baha’i Faith such as: The oneness of God The oneness of mankind. The oneness of religion. Independent investigation of truth. Equality of women and men. Religion as a source of unity. The evolutionary nature of religion. Education for all Spiritual solutions to the economic problems of the world Harmony between religion, science and reason. Loving consultation as a means for resolving differences. The guests were selected and invited by Keyvan Geula; the host; from amongst a distinguished list of distinguished friends, colleagues, educators, students and community activists with diversity of backgrounds, views and expertise. Transforming Human Consciousness was broadcasted for eight years and came to an end when CPAT no longer was serving the community. All the recordings were done in VHS. After the birth of the digital age, my friend Mel Jakobson converted the VHS files to digital making it possible for me to share these historic files on my YouTube Channel one by one. My hope is these timeless conversations, will continue to guide our path towards a more harmonious and inclusive global community.

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