Olya Roohizadegan; a Followup, on Transforming Human Consciousness

by staff

Olya Ruhizadegan was the 11th women who was imprisoned with ten other Baha’i women in Shiraz, Iran in 1983. Before all ten of her Baha’i friends were executed by Islamic Republic Regime of Iran, Olya was miraculously released and fled Iran promising her friends to be their voice and the voice of social justice and human rights. My initial interview with Olya was recorded in 1994 and broadcasted by CPAT in VHS format. In August 2023 I contacted Olya in Australia and did a follow up on line interview with my old friend. It is such a privilege to catch up with Olya and learn more about how she has been keeping her promise of telling the story of the ten Baha’i women who were in prison with her in Shiraz and were executed because of their Baha’i belief by the Islamic Republic Government of Iran. I was in awe. I would like to credit my friend Jason Green for helping me with editing of the new footage. TRANSFORMIMG HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS purpose and goals statement Transforming Human Consciousness was an individual initiative by Keyvan Geula LMFT and sponsored by the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Claremont. Each month two interviews of 30 minutes each were recorded at the Cable Station in Claremont CA 91711 (CPAT) and broadcasted to the local viewers. Community members served as camera people, helpers and supporters in the studio. The purpose of the shows was to educate the community at large about Basic Principles of the Baha’i Faith such as: The oneness of God The oneness of mankind. The oneness of religion. Independent investigation of truth. Equality of women and men. Religion as a source of unity. The evolutionary nature of religion. Education for all Spiritual solutions to the economic problems of the world Harmony between religion, science and reason. Loving consultation as a means for resolving differences. The guests were selected and invited by Keyvan Geula; the host; from amongst a distinguished list of distinguished friends, colleagues, educators, students and community activists with diversity of backgrounds, views and expertise. Transforming Human Consciousness was broadcasted for eight years and came to an end when CPAT no longer was serving the community. All the recordings were done in VHS. After the birth of the digital age, my friend Mel Jakobson converted the VHS files to digital making it possible for me to share these historic files on my Youtube Channel one by one. My hope is these timeless conversations, will continue to guide our path towards a more harmonious and inclusive global community.

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