Dr. YU-AN RAO & Mrs. Rao on Transforming Human Consciousness, Beijing 1995, P 2

by staff

Dr. Rao and Mrs. Rao, as president and vice president of the Pacific Rim Institute for Development and Education; (PRIDE), have been actively promoting cross-cultural exchange between the US and China. Their efforts are rooted in the Baha’i principles, which emphasize the oneness of humanity, the unity of all religions, gender equality, the harmony between science and religion, world peace, and the vision of a globally advancing civilization. Their contributions include: Educational Programs: Organizing workshops, seminars, and educational programs that foster understanding and collaboration between American and Chinese communities. Cultural Exchange Initiatives: Facilitating cultural exchange programs that allow individuals from both countries to experience and appreciate each other’s cultures, traditions, and values. Advocacy for Equality: Promoting gender equality through various initiatives that empower women and ensure their active participation in all spheres of life. Scientific and Religious Harmony: Encouraging dialogues and projects that demonstrate the compatibility and mutual reinforcement of scientific inquiry and spiritual beliefs. Peace-building Efforts: Engaging in peace-building activities that aim to resolve conflicts and promote a culture of peace on a global scale. Global Development Plans: Contributing to the development of comprehensive plans that aim to create a sustainable and progressive global civilization, ensuring the well-being of all people on Earth. Through their dedication and work at PRIDE, Dr. Rao and Mrs. Rao are making significant strides in promoting these Baha’i ideals and fostering a more unified and harmonious world. The interview was recorded at Claremont CPAT in 1996

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